Shadow Days are an important part of the admissions process. They allow prospective students to see firsthand what it is like to attend The Academy. They also allow Academy faculty to assess whether or not a prospective student is a good fit for our school. 

Below are Shadow Day FAQ’s and Information:

  1. Who can shadow?

    • Students who have submitted their application and pre-audition materials will be invited to schedule a shadow day at The Academy.

  2. How long is a shadow day?

    • In order to provide prospective students with the best opportunity to experience a day in the life of an Academy student, we ask that shadow students visit for the full school day. If a full shadow day is not possible, we will work with students to make accommodations.

  3. What happens on a shadow day?

    • Shadow students are paired with a shadow student ambassador (a current Academy student) with similar artistic interests and attend all academic and arts classes with their ambassador for the duration of the school day. In some cases, shadow students may follow more than one shadow student ambassador during their visit.

  4. Do shadow students need to participate in classes?

    • It is important for shadow students to keep in mind that while a shadow day is an opportunity for them to experience the Academy first hand, it is also an opportunity for teachers to get to know them and possibly assess whether or not they will fit into the program. Shadow students are expected to be attentive and participate as much as possible.